About Us

Dionysos is Calgary’s premier Hellenic performing arts society. Our aim is to explore, preserve, and display Greek culture in its finest forms. We display our work to the public by performing traditional Greek dances and live music, putting on cultural events, and sharing our traditions any chance we get.

Formerly members of the Hellenic Community of Calgary’s Niata Dance Program, Dionysos began as a group in 2000 and our passion for dance still remains. In 2009, we formed our own society, the Dionysos Hellenic Cultural Society. We have become an established, steadily growing society which continues to learn Greek cultural traditions and dances. In 2010, Dionysos hosted its first biennial dance conference in Banff, Alberta. To keep up with the knowledge taught from the workshops, Dionysos practises weekly as well as teaches members of the youth dance program, Niata.

Dionysos can be found performing annually for Calgary’s own Greek Festival, Stampede Parade, Sun and Salsa Festival, Calgary Folk Arts Festivals, Victoria Greek Festival, and many events across Canada!